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I haven't run a PR on the track in over 9 years. I haven't even run the Steeplechase since 2008. I've been told I should retire, I should "Hang up the spikes" I'm "too old", but HOW??? I love to run! I love to race! I KNOW I've got more! The Flame Within burns hot and bright, and until it fades, there will be no sleep for this weary soul.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Flame Within!!!

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It's amazing how time flies. Just yesterday it was 1999, I was still in college and I had an excuse to be dumb and ignorant. Now, the choice is mine.

The Olympic trials are fast approaching, June, 2012, and I have some work to do. Please check out my latest blog, as a guest blogger for RunPerspective.

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